What the You’ll Learn About Alexandria, Egypt through the Montaza Gardens

In order to provide maximum experience to its visitors and residents, great cities make sure there are large and open areas for them .  Parks and green areas are put up in certain locations to give visitors the feeling of relaxation they might have been deprived of daily working in their office and acquiring more and more tension . The Montazah Royal Gardens in Alexandria, Egypt are just such a place.

The Montazah Palace

Though the gardens are a part of the more than three hundred and fifty acre grounds of the large royal home known as the Muntazah Palace, the Montazah Royal Gardens take up more than half of the property.

The palace was constructed in the 1800s by Abbas II, and though additions have been made to the impressive structure (including two hotels) the majority of the area is free to use by the people of the city.

Located at the Mediterranean Sea

The Royal Gardens in Alexandria’s location is perfect for beach lovers visiting the area for its location is within the vicinity of the Mediterranean Sea. In fact, the property includes an enclosed cove, with a specially constructed bridge that permits the small pleasure boats to come easily in and out of the bay without any concerns of the rougher waters beyond the reach of the land.

For more safety, the spectacular lighthouse acts as help to boats trying to pass the cove

The Royal Gardens in Alexandria are a bit unique where city parks and public spaces are concerned as they are rigorously landscaped, and well-stocked with benches and wading or swimming pools that are open for the public to enjoy.

The Haramlek

In addition to containing Montazah Royal Gardens on the grounds, the site is also home to the Haramlek which is the location …